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This simple PNG compressor allows you to quickly compress any PNG images without losing quality.

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How to reduce PNG file size

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PNG(Portable Network Graphics)

PNG is a bitmap image storage format that uses lossless compression when saving. The PNG format was created to replace the older and simpler GIF format. The so-called alpha channel is supported in PNG format. This means that you can make certain areas of the picture transparent, which is great for placing logos, icons, and other graphic elements on websites. Among the disadvantages of the format is the lack of built-in support for animation (animation is supported in the APNG format). There are two versions of the format - PNG 8, which is more compact, and PNG 24, which supports a much wider color gamut. Both PNG 24 and PNG 8 use the same file extension - .png.

File type: Image
File extension: .png
Developed by: PNG Development Group
Initial release: October 1, 1996

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