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This free WEBP compressor will help you quickly compress any number of WEBP images without losing quality.

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How to reduce WEBP file size

  • 1To get started, upload one or more WEBP images to the compressor area.
  • 2Next, use the compression settings and click the "Compress" button.
  • 3After the compression is complete, download your compressed WEBP images in a single archive.
Compress WEBP Online

WebP (Web Picture)

WebP is a relatively new image format created by Google Corporation. The main difference in this format is the smaller size with the same image quality. To reduce the size of images, WebP uses a compression algorithm similar to that used in other popular formats. At the same time, it also supports lossless compression, which makes it versatile for any task. At the same time, the quality remains at a fairly high level. Most modern browsers support the WebP format, although there are still exceptions. This relatively new image format is gaining more and more popularity due to the fact that Google actively uses it in its services and recommends using it as an analog of the JPG / JPEG format.

File type: Image
File extension: .webp
Developed by: Google
Initial release: September 30, 2010

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