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This simple SVG compressor allows you to quickly compress vector SVG images without losing quality.

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How to reduce SVG file size

  • 1To get started, simply upload your SVG files to the compressor area.
  • 2Then click the "Compress" button and wait for the compression to complete.
  • 3That's all! Now you can download your compressed SVG files in a single archive.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

SVG is a very powerful scaled vector graphics file written in XML markup language. An SVG file looks equally good without loss of quality on a mobile device and on a stationary home PC monitor. SVG images can be either static or animated. One of the most common uses for this format is in icons and logos, thanks in large part to its transparency support and the ability to be enlarged without loss of quality. When you change the SVG scale, the shapes are always redrawn, thanks to which you will always see a smooth and beautiful image without pixelation. When using SVG for simple images, it will be very lightweight, but poorly suited for complex images with a lot of detail.

File type: Image
File extension: .svg
Developed by: W3C
Initial release: September 4, 2001

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